Sunday, November 11, 2012

Welcome to the scarecrows!

The 1st grade class, with the guidance of parents Adam and Scott, created scarecrows on Nov 8th by stuffing straw into old clothes and burlap supported on wooden frames. The kids had lots of fun but the teachers were almost in tears from all the straw spilled out in the classrooms! (A bit too chilly to go outside, but Adam and Scott cleaned it up well!) Parents Dustin and David today mounted the scarecrows and filled the pots with winter cabbage and branches. Now they are welcoming everyone to the school! (Thanks to Angela for the clothes donation.)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Nov 4 work and Nov. 9th bulb planting

The Nov. 4th work session had a small crew (Adam, Susan, Angela, Scott, plus a potential parent whose name we are trying to clarify), but thanks to Scott bringing a gas blower, we got the leaves on Southampton sidewalk and steps picked up. We also transplanted numerous ajugas from a parent's yard to an erosion-prone area in the forest. Our own battery-powered blower was on order and we look forward to using it.

On Nov. 9, Scott and Adam worked with the 5th grade class to plant daffodil bulbs in selected spots for beautiful spring blooms. Scott talked about how bulbs grow, the fertilizer he added, and general plant info. The students were very engaged and enjoyed it. Adam will be giving Mr. Fitzsimmons, 5th grade science teacher, milkweed seeds for cold storage in preparation for a spring planting by the 5th grade students. The milkweed will attract monarch butterflies, among other beneficial insects.