Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's been quite a while since the last post, but we accomplished quite a bit on the indoor side of Jenks. We couldn't improve everything in the time we had, but we made some progress! We did a lot of glass cleaning, particularly on doors of the first floor. Some had so much tape residue and dirt that it took trying different kinds of cleaners to see what worked. We also polished the main doors of the auditorium and repaired one door so it had a more attractive appearance. There's still more to do. We also removed the decades-old bars on the doors of the first grade classrooms and cleaned up the doors, as the pictures show. We identified areas of the auditorium that could use improvements so students are practicing in better lighting and the walls don't look as damaged. We are continuing to work on those and hope to make more progress before the play in May. Thanks to the parents and potential parents who helped: Adam Eyring, Kim Raznov Coon, Neveen Michael, and Jim McMillan.

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