Monday, October 3, 2011

Some views of the grounds needing improvement.

Three groups of plants growing on old stumps and maintained by neighbor Brian Rudnick. The middle group could use some more plants, but it needs to be determined if this is a sunny or shady spot.
Middle of mosaic needs tiles reapplied.
Along the edge of the toddler playground. A good spot for sunny plants, but the dirt is full of sand and needs to be replaced.
Notice the clumps of hostas along the walkway. Good evidence of prior garden work.
One of the darkest spots along the path. Not sure what should be planted here - any ideas?
An interesting enclosure for probably outdoor classroom events. Trimming of the vegetation should make it nicer.
In what apparently was a garden of sorts set up by a garden club in the early 1990s. Other than repairing the benches, we need some ideas of what students could do with the space.
A wild idea - construct a bridge to connect the corner with the playground over the building service entrance!

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