Monday, October 3, 2011

Work done to date.

Ferns are perfect for the shade, so we've planted a bunch donated by friends and relatives of Adam Eyring. We also planted mondo black grass and ajuga (bugleweed) from Adam's garden. Although the latter two are not native, they love the shade and spread too slow to be considered invasive. They should help with controlling erosion on the slopes.
The first picture shows a large fern with black grass in front.
Ajuga (dark green/purple leaves) on one of the slopes. Spreading will be evident next year and eventually this slope will have good erosion control.
Ferns, hostas, and ajuga along the curve in the path going to the playground.
When these ferns fill in some day, this spot along the fence should be pretty!
A good look at the crew at work on the Saturday just before school started. Current, former, and potential Jenks parents helped out! In the picture: Hardesty family, Adam Eyring, Davis family, Julie Sneeringer, Goldman/Lattanzi family, Dhondt family, and Katie Eyer.

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